Reasons Why Email Is an Important Component of a Digital Marketing Strategy

One aspect of digital marketing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the email campaign. Many organizations have come to avoid this type of promotional activity, worrying that efforts are wasted. They assume recipients trash the mail without opening it or that the program automatically sends it to the spam folder. In fact, email marketing is making a significant comeback in 2017, and business owners should not allow this trend to leave them behind.

Email can be especially effective for reaching existing customers and people who might be enticed to make a purchase. Visitors to websites should be offered the opportunity to provide their email address for discounts and coupons. Newsletters connected with products and services generally aren’t as appealing as the chance to save money unless they address specific topics of great interest to the recipient.

Although there may be worries about spam, email is generally viewed as a more professional type of communication than social media is. Even the professional networking websites are often considered to be a more casual form of contact. People often go to these sites for entertainment purposes or to find news about a specific industry, but not necessarily to make a connection that relates to spending money.

In addition, many people became comfortable with email long before social media sites really took off. Electronic mail may be seen as old school for conversing between friends, but it’s still a tool people rely on for a broad range of purposes. They wait for email to let them know when a package has shipped, for example, and they look forward to their monthly discount coupon from their favorite local store.

Electronic mail is especially effective as part of a well-rounded marketing plan that can be developed by an agency such as Excelsior Internet Marketing. Social media management along with websites that are optimized for search engines are part of this marketing program. The websites should be user-friendly and device responsive. Sites that offer intriguing content and appealing imagery tend to hold a user’s interest longer and can be effective at persuading the person to become or remain a loyal customer. Please visit the website to find out more about this agency.

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