The Key To Greentech And How To Profit Off Of It

The exciting news in the energy market continues to be the ongoing rise of renewable power. Solar and wind power systems are now proliferating internationally. In what has been observed to be an ongoing trend, the price per kilowatt-hour of solar powered systems has reached grid-parity with coal-fired electrical production. This has been one of the factors which has caused the demand for thermal coal to crash in the last three years. At first driven by governmental action in multiple nations to mandate cleaner power, market dynamics are now taking over.

Cleaner, renewable power has the potential to fulfill the imperatives of cheap energy and carbon reduction. The latter challenge is bearing down upon global civilization confronted by the climate change crisis. China, with its major cities choking in smog, has canceled construction on a proposed one hundred new coal-fired powerplants and instead is switching over to a major initiative to develop renewable greentech energy systems. Greentech development is also a major component of Germany’s Energiewende, the policy to completely replace fossil and nuclear power with renewable energy by 2050. Given these parallel programs in two of the most advanced industrial economies on the planet, it’s easy to see that greentech investment has the potential to reap considerable rewards over the next century.

One of the major stumbling blocks delaying the wider transition away from dangerously toxic power production has been the intermittancy factor. Wind power is subject to the vagaries of the air currents and the seasons, while solar power is limited to the daylight hours for its operation. The problem is how to marry the collection of free energy from the ambient environment to long-term battery storage. Cracking this secret will solve the problem of maintaining 24-hour grid demand, eliminating the intermittancy problem altogether, and opening the pathway towards the complete phase-out of fossil-fuel and most nuclear electricity production.

Quite obviously, the investment potential in companies engaged in battery research and development is enormous. Batteries with greater long-term storage on a daily basis, longer-term lifetimes between replacement, and greater efficiency of storage, will free renewable power from its present limitations. The companies which crack these secrets will be selling their super-batteries to the world forever and will massively profit. Go to this website here to learn more about the latest developments in this exciting field and the companies to invest in to reap a rich reward.

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